Kiri-e (切り絵) comes from the characters for “cut” (kiri) and “picture” (e) and refers to the art of paper cutting.


This is an ancient art of 1400 years brought to Japan from China. At first it was used for gifts to temples and home decoration.


Kiri-e has been proclaimed as living national treasure by the Emperor.  

Rina Papadopolu is the first and still one of the few foreign kiri-e master that practice the art outside of Japan.


She is self-taught and her unique style astonishes with its precision and elegance.


She is the only non-Japanese member of SENGA Association and recognized all over the world.


International Kiri-e Association partners with many organisations to promote not only the art of kiri-e but many different aspects of  Japanese crafts, traditions and culture. 


Rina Papadopolu and her students are regular participants in annual Days of Japanese culture in Bulgaria.

Together with Kirin Kirie they organize workshops, kimono demonstrations, tea ceremonies, ikebana classes, take part in festivals and exhibitions.